Justin Bieber Attacked By Desperate Belieber and Topples Over Grand Piano on Stage

Posted May 7, 2013 by J Matthew Cobb in News

Dubai Belieber goes down with a security guard and the baby grand – and this wasn’t even part of the show

HiFi has had enough.

We needed to implement a WTH! section.

After we ranted and raved on the poor decisions made by a long list of pop stars a few weeks ago, more tragedies have been surfacing on our radar. And goodness, there’s been so many of them – I lost count.

As always, international American pop star Justin Bieber is no stranger to this kind of hit list. And while we’re certain Santa Claus is not coming to his town come December, we seriously don’t expect any Grammys to head his way come next February.

Without bringing up his vomiting spell in October 2012 (and obviously lip-synching then) or revealing his anguish over being snubbed at the 55th annual Grammy Awards, here’s a quick wrap sheet of Bieber’s most terrible year so far…

In February /Releases Twitter warfare on the Black Keys’s Patrick Carney and it continues for a second week.

In March / Collapses on stage; attacks paparazzo while leaving hotel and swears he will “beat the f*&k” out of him; posts Instagram rant online that he doesn’t need rehab and throws comparisons of Lindsay Lohan into the equation; spits on neighbor after returning home; pet monkey seized in Germany.

In April /  Visits the historic Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, where he causes the world to stop for a whole day after he post that “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” Then in Stockholm, his tour bus was raided by police, discovers weed and a stun gun; causes mayhem at Instanbul airport after skipping passport checks.

But this past weekend, it seems like Bieber couldn’t get a break from all the bad press. It’s like someone has picked up one of these things











and turned it into their personal wacky voodoo doll.

During a concert in Dubai this past weekend, one of those cute Beliebers took to the stage while Bieber was ticking the ivories and tried their very best to get a cute hug from the teen idol. That groupie was then tackled with a mighty NFL gusto from one of his personal security guards. Then all hell broke loose: a grand piano was knocked over, giving the illusion that the piano had toppled over the entangled duo. Bieber does a skip to my lou to the other side of the stage while crowd members react over the possibility of the Biebz being injured with shrieks of torture. Embarrassingly enough, the clip clearly proves that our Grammy-less Bieber was uninterrupted vocally. He was performing to a vocal track the whole time. He was unharmed, although we’re pretty positive the piano wasn’t. According to  The National, the piano was so damaged that it had to be carted off stage and was deemed unusable for the rest of the show.

There was plenty more WTH! moments this week. Enough to make JB’s fiasco seem normal. And if you’re having a hard time digesting that previous statement, just rewind a few paragraphs to the top and scan through Bieber’s 2012 rap sheet all over again.

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