20 ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos You Better See…Or Else

Posted February 22, 2013 by J Matthew Cobb in Features

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HiFi pulls out its very own ‘Harlem Shake’ countdown

Okay, “Harlem Shake” is on some Gangnam style shit now.

The song has now surpassed “We Are the World” status. The indie electronica-rap jam created by Brooklyn producer Baauer is now the talk of the town, with hundreds of dance-vid memes popping up across the viralsphere of YouTube. And there’s probably hundreds more to come.

Thanks to the brilliant idea of one single post (going all the way back to Filthy Frank), the 30-second meme has been remixed harder than a Madonna track. Because of the mammoth chart changes going on at Nielsen SoundScan and Billboard which includes streaming data and viral popularity, Bauuer celebrates his first No. 1 hit.

By the way, behind every halestorm of unexpected fame is a shitstorm full of criticism and bitter complainers.

If you haven’t checked out a single one of these pop-up videos surrounding this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, we urge you to do so. Some are totally hilarious and have that “must see” factor going with it. We’ve picked out twenty of them for you to get started. We think these are the best of the best. But by the end of the day, when this is published, they’ll probably be twenty new ones worth watching.

Hey, we’re still waiting for the Grammy-nominated Alabama Shakes to post their 30-second meme on the newest “Harlem” renaissance.

Begin the countdown by clicking on the number tab immediately below.

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