Britney Spears: I Wanna Go

Posted August 9, 2011 by J Matthew Cobb in HiDef

Music video for “Go” leaves you wondering what happened to Britney Spears: The Dancing Queen

All it seems she’s able to do now is strut, walk, hump a chair and lip-synch. Superfans of Britney Spears will continue to rattle their cowbell rattles behind their pop princess, but she appears to be as immobile as a forty-year old Pussycat Doll marred with Botox.

On the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed “I Wanna Go,” Spears gets into character as the paparazzi-stalked superstar singing and playfully walks to the music. Certain snapshots present Spears resembling the innocent role of her “Hit My Baby One More Time” video, and even singing in what looks like karaoke-seasoned Disney shots. When she sings the robotic studio-chiseled Auto-tune lines (“I-wanna go-o-o-o all the wa-a-ay”) on screen, she looks vulnerable and very out of place.  She doesn’t break out with any serious choreography, which is pretty lame, but she’s surrounded by a silly cast that helps invigorate the music video’s replay value. There’s a whistling baby, there’s stunt-driven paparazzi and dorky heroes dressed as cyborgs. When the video cues the final fade, Spears wakes up from her dream and is whisked off with her undercover vigilante. Without using much originality, our aforementioned hero turns to the camera with the same glowing eyes of MJ’s “Thriller” character while the icky laughter of a Vincent Price wannabe plays in the background. Certainly the lack of originality is running rampant in our music world these days, but it’s hard knowing Spears is far less enjoyable to watch than it is hearing her sing.

The only thing seriously enjoyable in the video, besides Spears’ using her microphone as a Catwoman whip against the bad guys, is hearing her spit out *bleeps* in the beginning of the video. For some strange reason, we like the bad Britney over the Disney version.


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