Sade: Flower of the Universe

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Genre: Soul, R&B
Producer: No I.D.
Writer: Sade
Label: Sony UK
Format: Digital download, compact disc
Release Date: 7 March 2018


Sade sounds exactly the same, unaged and unbothered


A little too acoustic and easy for Sade's surface fans

The mighty hiatus is over: Sade returns with a new single for motion picture

by J Matthew Cobb
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The mighty hiatus is over: Sade returns with a new single for motion picture

sade-track01Sade is used to a good time-out. Since their 2010 well-received album Soldier of Love, the UK band led by vocalist Sade Adu has been quiet for eight long years. Before that, another decade-long sabbatical was on the record. But Adu and her teammates have added a new song to the new motion picture soundtrack of Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time. And everyone is talking about it. Mostly because it’s Sade.

“Flower of the Universe” is totally stripped down, an acoustic serenade highlighted with harps and deep world humming. And it’s an eye wink of a love song conjuring the ethos of Sade’s romance: “When you sleep softly the angels come, like diamonds, like my love.” But this is no “No Ordinary Love,” folks. It’s a far cry from their more rhythmic stuff or sexy ballads, but if you’re down for Lion King-esque chants or anything in that arena, this will be a charmer. For a more dramatic radio version, catch the No. I.D. remix, which adds additional synths, hip-hop beat loops and a coat of haunting suspense towards the closing.


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