#TBT: P!nk Get Surprised By Celebrity Crush Johnny Depp on Live TV

We give you a good reason to love P!nk…and Johnny Depp on this #TBT

You know her songs: “Just Give Me a Reason,” “Get the Party Started, “Try,” “Who Knew” and “Raise Your Glass.”

You know it’s also Throwback Thursday. So we’ve combed through some memorable archival clips for you and ran across this one of pop superstar P!nk. The singer got the surprise of her life awhile back in 2016 while being interviewed by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel when she was ambushed live on TV by Hollywood legend (and sex symbol) Johnny Depp.


Before Depp appeared, P!nk recalled her crush with Depp and ‘Beetlejuice’ star Michael Keaton. She originally met Depp in a record store and was introduced by her husband after hiding from him behind a wall of vinyl. “I don’t think it went well,” she told Kimmel. After recounting the story, Depp pops out of nowhere and gives her yet another unexpected surprise. Heck, he even planted Kimmel a juicy kiss on the lips.


Depp tried to blow her “one last kiss” but…she had…um, yeah…boyfriend problems. “Carey [Hart] would shoot me,” she says.

You gotta love Johnny.


And now we see why P!nk gets so giddy for him.

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