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Poll: The Sexiest Artists of All Time

Mirror, mirror on the wall/Who's the sexiest one of all? HiFi wants to know who's the sexiest male and female in music history


Billboard Music Awards 2013: The Aftermath

A honest look back on an evening you may have missed and you probably wished you didn't


Daily Digest: Bruno Mars, Madonna, Ke$ha, 12-12-12, Music Industry Reacts to Newtown Tragedy

Today's headlines: Bruno Mars settles for number two on Billboard 200; Madonna takes the top spot on the Billboard Readers' Choice poll; 12-12-12 benefit concert raises millions in financial aid; music industry reacts to the Ne...


Daily Digest: INXS, Rihanna, Kings of Leon, American Music Awards

INXS no longer exists on the road... Rihanna teases GQ... KOL returns to road shows... Gaga turns down Madonna... These are just some of the music headlines on Nov. 13


Rockin’ the Vote (2012): Round 2

The last round: Rock, pop and r&b stars weigh in on their 2012 choice for POTUS

Collage of Katy Perry, Taylor Hicks, Stevie Wonder and Ted Nugent / Rockin' the Vote (2012) Header

Rockin’ the Vote (2012): Scrapbook

Rock stars on politics: The latest pictures of rock, pop and R&B acts performing for their presidential choice

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