The Track Britney Spears Doesn’t Want You to Hear

Posted October 21, 2013 by J Matthew Cobb in News

Hit me baby no more times – after hearing this isolated vocal track of an alleged Britney Spears

Say it ain’t so.

Oh no. Please tell me this is a prank, some silly joke created by a hater.

Because if this is real, Britney Spears may have to update the lyrics to her latest song:
“You better find new work, bitch.”

Singing live is the ultimate proof of an artist’s vocal swagger. It affirms to their constituents if they are actually worthy to be on the stage. Spears, no stranger to the rumor mill of lip synching her performances, is allegedly caught doing the real thing in a YouTube video that went viral last week. The vid features Spears on stage in a 2001 Las Vegas concert and actually magnifies the isolated vocal track.




On the actual video post, YouTube subscriber worldticketshop described the event horrifically by saying “she sounds like she’s hitting a baby with a cat. Clearly no one watches her for the singing.”

If it’s real or not, no one knows. But one thing is for certain, Spears and her management camp has yet to openly denounce the bad news as being false. So is that all the confirmation we need? You be the judge.

What do you think?
Is it Britney?
Or is it not?
And if it’s her, should she be judged for it when she’s clearly acting like she’s singing?
Does this change your opinion on her?
Share your comments with us. 

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