Gaga’s ‘Applause’ vs. Katy’s ‘Roar’: Which New Single Rules?

Posted August 12, 2013 by J Matthew Cobb in Features

Battle of the pop divas begins with fresh slate of new singles + new poll

Looks like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are readying their conquests for the fall with forthcoming albums. And the anticipation is definitely building.

“Roar,” Katy Perry’s first single from her forthcoming album Prism, dropped days before its official date. The same goes for “Applause,” Gaga’s first sign of new material from the highly-anticipated ARTPOP, album (due Nov. 11). Remember that Gaga was supposed to debut the new single at the MTV Video Music Awards? Well, scratch that. The single has just leaked, one week before its official due date.

Ahh, seems like these singles are being birthed prematurely every single week. But it seems like Gaga isn’t entirely bothered by the whole mess-up: “DUE TO HACKERS AN ABUNDANCE OF LOW/HIGH QUALITY LEAKS…WE ISSUE THIS POP MUSIC EMERGENCY…MONSTERS SPREAD THE WORD,” Gaga posted on Twitter on Monday (Aug. 12).

“Applause” will now go battle it out with Katy Perry’s new single, “Roar,” on next week’s Hot 100 chart, thanks to its bumped-up release date.

So what do you think?
Is “Roar” better than “Applause”? Or is it other way around?
Speak your mind. 

Vote now in the poll below.


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