Todrick Hall Debuts ‘Mean Girls’, Piles on the Stereotypes with Crude Humor

Posted May 31, 2013 by J Matthew Cobb in HiDef

Talented Idol contestant goes for the overkill in stereotypical comedy

If you don’t recall who Todrick Hall is – he’s a Broadway dancing singing guy that made it past the Hollywood rounds on American Idol (Season 9) and landed in the Top 16 before getting eliminated. And yeah, there was some controversy that surrounded him while he was on the show. Since then, he’s been doing everything under the sun: more Broadway, celebrity cover tunes, shopping mall flash mobs, McDonald’s jingles, Beyoncé-worshipping tributes, Andrew Christian Underwear [NSFW] infomercials, you name it.

Now he’s jumping into Wayans Family-styled comedy. I’ve laughed at a few of the earlier Wayans films, but I gave up the ghost when those features started to lack real comedy and focused way too much time on spoofing. Hall’s foray into this genre is seriously questionable. I hardly found anything in this funny. Okay, maybe one or two things. But these exaggerated and sadly depicted stereotypes, marred with flaming faggotry (yeah, I said it) and overexaggerated tomfoolery, should be beefed up with more comedy and not embarrassing nonsense that perpetuated the stigmas on the races and genders. Those that thoroughly support him will see no problem with his beefed-up comic strip, but if this had landed on BET or Bravo or on basic TV, the online petitions would be circulating like Girl Scout cookie forms.

Sad call for Todrick, who I still view as a talented individual, just slightly misguided. He’s too busy trying to do everything, flexing off his talents before any and everyone. Reminds me of a circus clown trying to juggle, tell jokes and blowing up balloons at the same time. More moves like this – moves that scream for attention and lack substance – and he will be sadly tossed into the can of forgetfulness. Stay focused, Tod. You’re much better than this.

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