Gaga Days: Lady Gaga Expected To Sale Over 1 Million Copies on Week 1

Posted May 28, 2011 by J Matthew Cobb in News

With the help of a double 99 cent promotion and lots of publicity, Gaga album is expected to pass the one million sales mark on first week

The power of Gaga continues.

Propelled by the one-day .99 cent sale on Gaga’s entire album along with many other promotional deals at other big retail stores, Billboard magazine is projecting Born This Way, the superstar’s second studio LP, to sale well over 1 million copies. If this forecast is correct, it would be the fastest-selling record in over six years.

A few weeks ago, Nielsen Soundscan originally estimated that the product would sale about 750,000 units, since the more recent radio singles (“Born This Way,” “Judas”) were not gaining much traction on the charts and on radio. But announced on Monday their deal of the day, a digital copy of Gaga’s record, to be sold at an astounding .99 cents. The company’s servers crashed and immediately reinvigorated the public’s interest in the album. announced that they would pull off the deal for a second time that week on Thursday, pushing more traffic to the site and upping the total unit sales past any preconceived predictions.

Publicity behind the album, including a buttload of appearances on American Idol, SNL, The View, is also pumping more immediate exposure on the album’s arrival.

If Born This Way sells over 1.15 million copies this Memorial Day weekend, it will surpass the debut week sales of 50 Cent’s Massacre, which sold a whopping 1.14 million in its first week in 2005.

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