Lizzo: Juice

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4.5/ 5


Genre: Funk, R&B, pop
Director: Quinn Wilson
Time: 3:20


Fun, funky, humorous and playfully retro - it's a big ball of fun for Lizzo


No flaws here, except it being incredibly too short, like most of Lizzo's fun and perky songs.

Lizzo is “out here makin’ news” with funky new single, video

by J Matthew Cobb
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Lizzo is “out here makin’ news” with funky new single, video

Just when you thought the Detroit-bred Melissa Jefferson (aka Lizzo) couldn’t trump “Boys,” the underground summer jam of last year, she snatches our wigs once again. This time, she’s cooking up some juice with her latest single, “Juice.” This feelgood tune, the latest from the upcoming LP Cuz I Love You, is a spritey pop-funk gem that feels like ’80’s Chaka Khan atop Babyface R&B. And packaged with the new single comes its rapturous Quinn Wilson-directed concept video, a glossy time portal back to the neon-heavy ’80’s, heavy in hair and pop excess. The imagery from separate scenes of a recreated Tonight Show with Johnny Carson set, Jane Fonda-meets-Richard Simmons workout videos, exaggerated HSN plugs and ‘Soul Glo’ (via Coming to America) transports are all perfectly stitched together in this slick, comical visual trip. And it’s the perfect background to the part-comedy, part-sexy funk of “Juice.” The tongue-in-cheek humor is played up visually, as the 30-year old singer-songwriter explains through the song’s catchy rhymes of “gettin’ loose/gotta blame it on the Goose.” By the time, she hits the bridge and tosses in a little new school terminology (“Somebody come get this man/I think he got lost in my DMs”), she magically appears in a glowing homage to Supremes visuals from the Ed Sullivan era.

At the very end, in infomercial style, a 1-800 number and web addy is featured (, which takes you to Lizzo’s “Juice Shop” website – incredibly crafty and genius! Once again, Lizzo works her magic of retro nostalgia into her irresistible contemporary mix of splashy funk, and like her hometown hero Aretha, is giving us all something we can feel.

Cuz I Love You drops on April 19.

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