DNCE: Body Moves

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3.5/ 5


Songwriter: , ,
Genre: Dance, Pop
Producer: DNCE
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Time: 4:11


Sexual fun, naughty stripteases and neat visuals of the band — all done across a cool dance-y tune


The close-ups are too frequent; some of Joe Jonas' facial expressions seems too forced

“Cake By the Ocean” band reveals sexy, provocative music video on funky disco tune

by J Matthew Cobb
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“Cake By the Ocean” band reveals sexy, provocative music video on funky disco tune

With a splash of punk and youthful sex appeal, DNCE has transcended to the top of the pop charts using their Maroon 5-esque funk pop. But the band, fronted by the sexy Joe Jonas, is also very visual. With the multi-platinum-selling success of “Cake By the Ocean” behind them and after performing to large crowds on the summer festival circuit (even with having only one EP in their catalog), they are trying to keep the fires burning. In the Hannah Lux Davis-directed video of “Body Moves,” Jonas jumps into the frame for a number of shirtless shots and raunchy kissing with model/actress, Charlotte McKinney, who plays Jonas’s love interest. The other band members (Cole Whittle, JinJooJack Lawless) also get a lot of screen time, mostly playing their instruments in a warehouse basement or horsing around.  Yes, it’s a bit steamy and provocative for the most part, but it’s also fun. Most of the time they are smiling, laughing, enjoying themselves, and it’s a different type of advertisement for sex. Instead of trying too hard, DNCE prefers to pour a little innocence into their grade of spice. DNCE knows their audience and they are playing their ace card right now. They are the hipper Maroon 5 that’s not afraid to play with disco. And none of them are too shy to put on a sexual display for a voyeuristic good time. Other than a few uncomfortable facial expressions from Jonas and way too many up-close shots, the video looks like a unchaperoned prom night.


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