Bruno Mars: Finesse (Remix) feat. Cardi B

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Genre: R&B
Producer: Shampoo Press & Curl, the Smeezingtons
Director: Bruno Mars
Time: 3:43


The fly footwork, the replica of the In Living Color Set, Cardi B's party lines and Bruno's dedication to throwback funk in this hour are positioning us for a '90's throwback R&B party


If only the fonts from In Living Color highlighted the opening with Cardi B and Bruno Mars's names...

With some smart at-the-moment tweaking, the Cardi B-sported remix of “Finesse” turns into a timewarp joyride

by J Matthew Cobb
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With some smart at-the-moment tweaking, the Cardi B-sported remix of “Finesse” turns into a timewarp joyride

“Finesse” looks to be the latest single to be forced out from the Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic LP. Like the previous album singles that came before it, it’s a nostalgic trip into urban contemporary R&B, but narrows its focus on clubby new jack swing, like a brash Bobby Brown uptempo workout.

In tune with the dancey regimen of Mars’s videos since “Uptown Funk,” the concept video of “Finesse” takes us into a set that powerfully resembles the infamous television set of FOX’s In Living Color. And with Cardi B, still riding high on “Bodak Yellow,” sporting a special video cameo, the song’s retail value has gone up. She spits lyrics in Salt-N-Pepa style, perfect for this type of throwback jam. And the play of spray paint in their segment together, also similar to the clips seen during In Living Color’s opening theme song, just sends us into a candy land frenzy.

Along with the ‘90’s-inspired wardrobe choices (a mesh of TLC and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Bruno and his backing dancers kick out the running-man, more Bobby Brown moves and slick hand and foot sweep motions. When Cardi reenters through the door (a nod to Keenen Ivory Wayans) alongside a Fly Girl-esque crew and shoots out a set of hypeman ad-libs, the whole thing turns into a big blessing for R&B. It’s a strong reminder that if something was good then, it might be good now.


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