The Strokes: One Way Trigger/All the Time

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3.5/ 5


Genre: Garage rock, Indie rock
Label: RCA
Format: Digital download
Release Date: 30 January 2013; 19 February 2013


"All the Time" is Strokes-y from beginning to end, and you almost hate for it to end


"One Way Trigger" has a cool title, but only feels like leftovers from their Angles disc

The next batch of singles from the Strokes point to yet another positive step in the right direction

by J Matthew Cobb
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The next batch of singles from the Strokes point to yet another positive step in the right direction

At the tail end of January, the Strokes dropped “One Way Trigger,” a new track from their upcoming fifth album Comedown Machine, unto their flashy webs their most patient fans. It was a free download and was available for a short period of time. Makes sense for a song that lacked the readiness of previous crowd favorites like “Under Cover of Darkness” or “Taken for a Fool.” It does sound like a leftover sample from Angles, thanks to its ’80’s synthy loops, Julian Casablancas’s alter ego falsetto and party guitar riffs, but only devout fans would’ve thoroughly appreciated the track. At best, “One Way Trigger” feels like a less-than-memorable swipe at a-ha’s “Take on Me.”

On “All the Time,” the garage rock band hardly strays away from their most famous traits. It conjures the hype of The Cars and enforces the magnificence of This Is It, which is evidently shown on the rock ‘n rolling chorus: “You’re livin’ a lie/You’re livin’ a lie/You’re living too fast/You gotta pray for the best/You never ask why/You never ask why/You’re living a lie/Baby, you’re flying too high.”

And they get things done within the corridor of two minutes and thirty seconds, right before ditching the song for a calming fade that takes thirty seconds to finish. Sounds perfect for a final track on an A-side vinyl.







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