The Chainsmokers: #SELFIE

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Genre: Electopop, dance pop
Producer: Andrew Taggart
Writer: Andrew Taggart
Label: 604 Records, Dim Mak
Format: Digital download, streaming
Release Date: 29 January 2014


The silly electrpop whizzes and electro bleeps are as good as this thing gets


Sounds like leftovers of PSY's "Gentleman." And that irritating Valley girl chatter is an earful of suicide

“Selfie” isn’t all that grand, especially since it sounds like leftovers from PSY

by J Matthew Cobb
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“Selfie” isn’t all that grand, especially since it sounds like leftovers from PSY

N.Y. electrohouse duo The Chainsmokers (Andrew Taggart, Alex Pall) have become the latest overnight sensation to break into the pop charts without the backbone of radio anchoring them. Accredit every shred of their success to the viral phenomenon of social media which is catapulting “Selfie,” a senseless song about selfish Instagram uploads and self-indulgence, into the spotlight. There’s hardly any lyrics except for the blah-blah of a Valley girl-sounding snob who’s totally enamored on her social status. She jabbers on and on about boys and haters until she finds instant relief in the realm of modern-day Polaroids and their Photoshop-teased filters. And then the chatter goes on and on: “Wait. Pause/Jason just liked my selfie/What a creep/Is that guy sleeping over there?/Yeah, the one next to the girl with no shoes on. That’s so ratchet.” The only thing remotely interesting about this track (or its witless YouTube video) is how it spins like expired leftovers from PSY’s “Gentleman.” Making matters worse, the chatter idea sounds like a rip-off of Los Del Rio’s Bayside Boys mix of 1995’s “Macarena,” and we remember how corny that was. If this is the future of electropop, it might be time to stage an “Electropop Sucks” bonfire protest at the Staples Center.

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