Steve Perry: No Erasin’

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Genre: Rock, Pop
Producer: Thom Flowers, Steve Perry
Writer: Steve Perry, David Spreng
Label: Concord
Format: Sreaming, digital
Release Date: 14 August 2018


Although raspier, vibrato-challenged and a bit rugged, Steve Perry sounds radiant; track resembles ready arena-rock of his glory days


There's an eerie technical edit glitch before the second verse

Don’t stop believin’: Steve Perry marks his comeback with new single

by J Matthew Cobb
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Former Journey frontman marks his comeback with new single

steveperry-track-01It’s been quite a long time since Steve Perry has worked his way to newly-recorded music – twenty years, actually. But the former Journey lead singer is returning to that special unique place in the 21st century with open arms as he prepares to release his third solo album this fall. In doing so, he gives a little subliminal message to his “forever yours” fans on the very first line of his first single, “No Erasin'”: “I know it’s been a long time comin’ since I saw your face.”

This is the first single to drop from his forthcoming LP Traces, and it sounds like a glorious return to prominence. Yes, it’s obvious that Perry’s vocals has picked up a little rust along the way, such as a spotty vibrato on the lingering notes, and there’s a distinctive gravely tone, but it’s a more matured quality nevertheless. In the music video, the multi-angle cameras are fixated on every move Perry makes, pulling off a performance that looks like the moves of Mick Jagger. But he’s having fun and he sounds radiant as he conjures up beautiful memories of a faded romance: “No runnin’ anymore/My soul’s burnin’/Just like it was before/No erasin’/Our love just won’t let go.”

Other than a painful tech edit right before the second verse, the song passes with flying colors while falling in line with Journey’s bombastic arena rock.  There’s an AC gloss and classic rock glow to it, which is sort of expected considering today’s technical processes and Perry’s signature songwriting. And after being recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Perry — the legend — is actually in pretty good shape vocally. When you have been gifted with one of the greatest voices in music history, ranking at #76 on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All time list, making a comeback shouldn’t be that hard.

Traces drops October 5 on Fantasy Records.


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