JD McPherson: Socks

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4.5/ 5


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Genre: Rock, blues rock, R&B
Producer: Jimmy Sutton, JD McPherson, Ray Jacildo, Jason Smay
Label: New West Records
Format: Digital download, compact disc, streaming, vinyl
Time: 29:58
Release Date: 2 November 2018
Spin This: "Bad Kid," "Hey Skinny Santa!," "Socks," "All the Gifts I Need"


Funny, amusing, hooky, dancey '60's rockabilly takes over the entire set, a disc totally full of zany originals. And it's a Christmas riot!


Except for a few midtempo moments, there's really no room for ballads

Humorously cool ’50’s rockabilly and soul dominate JD McPherson’s highly entertaining holiday LP

by J Matthew Cobb
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Humorously cool ’50’s rockabilly and soul dominate JD McPherson’s highly entertaining holiday LP

jdmcpherson-00Oldie revivalist JD McPherson is a really cool slinky thing. For his entire career, the Oklahoma musician has been ravishingly executing rockabilly nostalgia consistently on our ears, almost sounding like a Buddy Holly loyalist. On his holiday adventure Socks, the “North Side Gal” singer stays the course and drops ten tracks of complete originals, all designed by himself. And it’s a majestic flash in the past.

Mostly all the tracks included are wittingly brewed with humor: “Bad Kid,” the album’s most infectious jewel, expressing lots of rebel pride for landing on Santa’s naughty list; “Holly, Carol, Candy & Joy” shimmies with sneaky innuendo by celebrating the first names of schoolyard girls; “Hey Skinny Santa!” shows off Chicago style pizza and spicy New Orleans dishes with such temptatious audacity to a millennial St. Nick sporting a 32” waistline; the title track fires up the ancient disdain ego manic bros have regarding seeing gifted knee-high and tube socks stuffed in a holiday stocking. The latter is spunky enough to make you wanna dust off the original stroll dance. 

Oddly there’s pretty much only one mood here: uptempo adult ‘60’s rock ‘n blues eggnog-spiked party, which pretty much wrecks the idea of Socks being considered a fully versed set. But McPherson’s love for the throwback and his jammy rhythm section is a joy to hear. Thanks to its comedic timing and lively mood on a fun set of all-originals, expect this one to gain traction in the years to come. Even if it feels like a flashback to the 1950’s, this is poised to become the go-to holiday album of the new century. 


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