Paul Manafort, Trump’s Former Campaign Chief, Likes Expen$$$ive Karaoke!

This former Trump aide is probably a bigger fan of karaoke than you and the feds have dropped the proof

We’re not trying to get political over here. But it looks like Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chief and now jailed convicted birdie, is making karaoke headlines.

And according to reports, he’s got expensive tastes and loves some top-tier at-home singing. He’s allegedly been living sky high with a major karaoke craze, all paid by millions funneled from offshore shell companies. And Mueller’s team has dropped receipts:

The paper trail appears to show that President Trump’s former campaign chief paid $46,000 for a home karaoke and audio-video system, loaned a quarter-million bucks to an antique carpet store in Virginia in exchange for half-a-million bucks worth of oriental rugs as collateral, and splashed out $500,000 on less than two years’ worth of landscaping at his home in the Hamptons (including over $9,000 for hydrangeas and $8,000 just to keep his lawn mowed).

Further into the details, it was discovered that Manafort’s karaoke song package rounded out at $950. And MSNBC news contributor Chris Hayes went a little deeper to reveal on his MSNBC’s All In program that an exquisite $600 touchscreen remote was even purchased, along with two microphone stands (for duets).

“No word on Manafort’s favorite karaoke song,” Hayes adds. “But I would absolutely pay for him to sing “Confessions.”

Out bet is that he’s singing Erika Jayne’s “XXpen$ive.”


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