5 Ways to Turn Up Your Next Karaoke Night-Out

Get crafty and creative next time you round up the crew for late-night singalongs

So you’ve group text your friends about hanging out for karaoke, and you’re hoping for some lasting memories, that extra zing to set it apart from other nights. You already got the basics down, like the venue and choice of night. But what can you do extra to spice up your night?

Sometimes a little creative magic works wonders. We’ve got a few ideas that’ll give your next karaoke night-out with the gang that much needed pizazz.

1. Dress up.

Whether it’s by uniform, alike colors or fancy costume, you can grab the attention in the room with a little wardrobe synchronicity. Nightlife gazers will know that you are hanging out together and it’ll help out when it’s time to jump into a hearty singalong. If the event calls for a costume, sync up with team spirit. Coordinate and dress as X-Men, other superheroes or villians, girl or boy bands (Spice Girls, N*SYNC, Beatles, KISS) or your favorite superstar singers! Dress within an era of music (disco, ‘80’s, hip-hop, glam) or go for something less spunky…like graphic tees. This way you’ll definitely have enough banter at the table to hold up the conversation in between songs. It’s perfect for selfies with your friends and a conversation starter with new acquaintances. As a bonus, if your venue allows more than three people on a stage at one time, choose the perfect group singalong for your party. It’ll surely be the ultimate climax of the night.

2. Decorate your table!

Nothing says a party like fancy decor. So don’t be afraid to juice up your surroundings with the right lewks. That’s if your venue allows that kind of stuff. If so, arrive early, bring along a helper and go for items that may be easy to break down. Illuminated table lights, glow sticks, music-related merch and other party favor essentials are always a go. And there’s nothing wrong with bringing a cake, some yummy sweets or a huge potluck dish, that’s if your venue allows it. Usually, bars and pubs are cool with it but always ask first.

3. Incorporate games into the performances.

Tweak your songs with a little flair by tossing in a little group incorporation. Most venues are leery of excessive talking on the mic, so try to drum up challenges prior to arriving. Come up with a secret word playlist challenge, where anytime a certain word is uttered in the lyrics, the group strikes out with a joyful or silly harmony of the same word. Perk up the fun by standing up with a signature group chant. A word of caution: Don’t be overzealous with it. It might come off as looking like a heckling session. And if you’re really into adult games, you can always rely on customizing your own drinking challenge.

4. Pour on the nostalgia using a clever memory keepsake.

Shake it – shake it – shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Old school habits are hard to break, so here are a few cute ways to keep those memories with friends alive. Bring a classic Polaroid camera along for the ride, and snap groups shots and solo performances moments. And make a cute little scrapbook of the special night. And if you want to get a little techy with memory preserving, record individual performances of your friends on the mic using your smartphone recorder. Then head to iTunes or your preferred PC music player and plop those files on blank compact discs. Design some crafty cover art using some of the photo snapshots, drop “Live” on the album title and pass them out to your friends. And who knows, you might run into the next Clive Davis or Russell Simmons and get the whole band discovered with that one night of musical revelry.

5. Turn those solo hits into impromptu duets. 

This trick is aimed for more advanced singers. Instead of nabbing all the attention, share the stage with a friend by breaking up your favorite solo performance into an impromptu duet. Split the verses, share the chorus — it should be that easy. But work on those harmonies; it’ll make or break the whole performance.


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