What Happens When Rick Astley Joins a Choir in a Sing-along

This massive sing-a-long with Rick Astley will not “let you down” 

We love moments like this. When an artist gets the invitation by way of social media to join them. And they actually do it.

CHOIR! CHOIR! CHOIR! (stylized C!C!C!, like the group !!!) is a Toronto choral organization that turns the audience into the performer and whips up amazing tributes to music legends and beloved songs. They extended the invitation to ’80’s legend Rick Astley to join them. And during a Toronto tour stop, he did just that.

Hear them whip up a moving acoustic arrangement using robust three-part harmonies on his classic hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

And enjoy Astley smiling and blushing the whole time. It probably ranks up there when Foo Fighters invited him on stage for their rollicking rock version. Watch that, in case you missed it.

By the way, at the end of this video, when C!C!C! asks Astley who he would nominate for a celebrity challenge, he said Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters). Go figures!


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