Trading Places: Could Usher’s Ex Get the Upper Hand in Child Custody Case?

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“Raymond v. Raymond” continues in child custody case revival

For those who have been keeping score on the recent back and forth-ness of Usher’s battle over his kids, the latest episode has proven to be one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

In a tragic turn of events, Usher Raymond‘s son, Usher Raymond V, nearly drowned in the family swimming pool on Monday. The Voice coach’s son almost drowned while trying to retrieve a toy that was stuck in an underwater pool drain, according to an Atlanta police report. His aunt and a housekeeper tried to free his arm from the drain but were unsuccessful. Thankfully, Raymond V, 5, rebounded from his injury when two contractors  nearby rescued the boy and administered CPR on him before paramedics arrived. Usher’s son is currently recovering at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite and is “conscious, alert and breathing,” according to reports.

The event seems so familiar to those who have been following the R&B superstar closely, when Usher’s 11-year old stepson died from a severe brain injury after Jeffery Simon Hubbard‘s steering of his jet ski went horribly wrong in Lake Lanier last July. The son, Kile Glover, was pronounced brain dead immediately after the accident and was taking off of live support.

Only hours after the news story went viral on Usher’s son, Tameka Foster-Raymond, Usher’s ex-wife, filed a motion in court asking for partial custody of their two sons after their oldest son nearly drowned in a pool Monday. She claims that her ex-husband, who was granted custody of the children in August 2012, is not providing adequate supervision of the children when he is traveling on work-related obligations. According to documents collected by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she was granted an emergency hearing for Friday regarding custody of Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Raymond.

We are very certain that Usher has a very busy schedule, probably busier than Foster-Raymond, and she is using that as her predominant reasons to win back custody of her children, even if it’s temporary. “(Usher) leaves the minor children in the care of a third-party approximately 85% of his parenting time due to his work related schedule, yet refuses to allow the children to remain in my physical custody while he is out of town,” Foster-Raymond stated in the motion.

As the good news circulated on her son’s recovery, both Usher and Tameka spoke publicly about their reliefs. Foster-Raymond said via Twitter Wednesday afternoon, “I’m so happy to say that my son is doing much better. Talking and asking for food.” On Wednesday night, Usher released a statement saying  he was “blessed and fortunate” that his son is recovering, according to reports gathered by the Associated Press.

Today. Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger will hear the case and will make a resolution on the matter.

Quite a strange scenario to make a judgement on, especially since both sides have accused the other of being neglectful of their responsibilities. In the original child custody hearing, Usher Raymond broke down in tears on the witness stand when Foster’s attorney accused him of cheating and neglecting his kids. Meanwhile, he accused her of being “incapable of being a proper parent,” adding that she did not have the emotional stability to or capacity to bond with them, and therefore she is handicapped. Foster-Raymond destroyed much of her credibility on the stand when she was questioned about her relationship with the star. In May, Foster admitted under oath that she had told Usher, “I will f**k you up.” The judge ruled in Usher’s favor, annulling their previous joint custody agreement and granting primary custody to the singer.

That same month, Usher reportedly refused Foster’s request to allow her and their sons live permanently in the Georgia mansion he owns.

Meanwhile, Foster had three children prior to her marriage with Usher; Kile being the only one to be deceased.

One thing is for sure, according to Foster-Raymond’s lawyer, she is not seeking financial compensation. “Nowhere in the papers has she sought any sort of child support,” attorney Angela Kinley says. “There is obviously an action for attorney fees. It is a standard request in any motion. But as far as child support, that has nothing, it is not even an issue in the court at this time.” It’s a strong contrast from last year, when Foster-Raymond sought to have her monthly support payments increased.

Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster-Raymond married in 2007 and divorced two years later. The two of them went through a lengthy child custody battle, resulting in Usher winning primary custody of the children last year.

No one knows for sure what the outcome will be in this situation. But Foster-Raymond is really playing her cards in the court of public opinion. She used her Instagram account to tweet the good news of her son’s recovery and the affection she has for her hospitalized son. “My favorite 5 year old,” Foster-Raymond captioned the shot on Instagram. “What a blessing! I have always loved and appreciated my sons but tragedies and close calls make this even more evident.”















In case you didn’t know, this case is far from over.

To be continued.

So what do you think?
Should Tameka win custody of the children?
Do you think she is being treated unfairly in the media?
Do you think the new custody battle is all about money?
Has Usher proved to be irresponsible in his parenting?
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