Did Beyoncé Say What I Think She Was Saying in Pepsi Commercial?

Posted May 13, 2013 by J Matthew Cobb in News

Maybe an unintentional bad fade or a bad case of gas, Beyoncé’s Pepsi jingle might be the funniest thing she’s ever concocted

In the ever-evolving world of Beyoncé Knowles, her minions have grown to appreciate any and everything she tosses at them. Even when she’s overexercises her power as queen by telling “haters” to “bow down bitches,” her following bows down in worship with them. After 4 gave me a bad aftertaste in my mouth to her evolving creativity and the lumpy Destiny’s Child new single (“Nuclear”) failed to wow me, I expected her to bounce back with something tantalizing. Despite Rolling Stone raving about the potty-mouth, diva-drama chaotic experiment of “Bow Down,” the single did absolutely nothing to quench my musical mojo for what’s to come from Bey.

Trying to focus back on a terrific month of good music, which has already been secured by Phoenix, Vampire Weekend and Daft Punk, here comes the Pepsi commercials. This time around, I have no other choice but to listen to what’s new being filtered through Bey’s Red Bull-spiked creative genius. I’m catching up on my CW re-runs online and I have to watch the same three commercials of Microsoft Surface’s hip-hop-in-action dance jam, AT&T’s “Kids Say the Darnedest Thing” goof  and Bey’s doppelgänger showcase being looped endlessly. I must admit – I actually like the commercial. And I even like the sneaky preview of the new track. While reviving the better qualities of her Sasha Fierce saga, Beyoncé pulls off a set of familiar MJ tricks by whipping out some of her more renowned images and dance moves of yore. After she confronts those flashback images and giving off a puzzled stare like she’s more interested in entering into a diva duel, her clones join her in concert to pull off some sexy squats and massive hand claps. With a hair-slinging motion, she bends back and shatters every mirror in the room.

She can say that this is a perfect segue from “Bow Down” as Bey once again puts herself at the center of everybody’s attention: “They love the way I walk/’Cause I walk with a vengeance/And they listen to me when I talk/’Cause I ain’t pretending.” Her ego is so high, you can’t get over it. But I must say the last line in that Pepsi commercial actually gave me a case of the giggles. I could have sworn that she said “cause I pooted.”

Whether she said it or not, whether Pepsi’s directors cut her off in mid-sentence and constructed a very bad edit, Bey’s ego has gotta be coming down a few notches.

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