Source: Rumors About Neal Schon Being a ‘Deadbeat Father’ Are Untrue

Posted February 28, 2013 by J Matthew Cobb in News

“Don’t start believin'” them rumors…Neal Schon is not a deadbeat dad, according to sources

Journey guitarist Neal Schon is finally responding to the viral story that alleged he was a deadbeat father.

CelebTV learned from sources direct from Schon’s camp that he has been making his payments on time. On top of that, he’s actually gone beyond the call of duty in his role as a fiscally responsible parent. “He has paid his medical insurance and eye-insured expenses,” CelebTV reports. “All in all, he pays over $5,000 a month for child support.”

Daily Beast writer and Newsweek correspondent Diane Diamond commented about the story:

“When you read the latest court papers about this case, it is very clear that it is not Neal who is the deadbeat. The judge slams his ex-wife for failure to live up to her promises (i.e., Neal gave her up to twelve-thousand dollars a month [in child] support at one point so she could go back to school, get a teaching certificate and get a teaching job). For unexplained reasons, the judge noted, Amber didn’t do it. And, its clear from the court documents that Neal…also pays for all their medical insurance, dance lessons, summer camps, Spanish classes, musical instruments, etc. Bottom line: It is a shame that all this ugliness has spilled out on the internet because those two little girls will see it all some day. that is the saddest part of all.”

An email from his ex also cleared the air. CelebTV reports that she was mortified by the story, stating Schon was not a deadbeat dad.

UK’s DailyMail originally reported the story, but has since removed the story.

In 2011, Schon made the news headlines when media learned that he was dating Michale Salahi, the Real Housewives of DC reality TV star.

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