SNL Spoofs Kim Kardashian, Yanni and Cee Lo Green on Same Night

Posted November 8, 2011 by J Matthew Cobb in Features

A funny night for music: SNL keeps the laughs loud with spoof segments on Kim Kardashian, Yanni and Cee-Lo Green

Lately Saturday Night Live has been kicking out their winning recipe for ratings. There’s lots of things in pop culture to humor, from Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to NBA lockout victim Kris to the latest nosedive in Herman Cain’s poll numbers (SNL is probably cooking up a good segment for next week). The atmosphere is ripe with lots to laugh about and this past weekend, SNL was on hand to deliver the goods.

After a so-so opener from this weekend’s guest host Charlie Day (salvaged by the oh-so-believable goofiness of SNL host legend Danny DeVito), SNL opens the gate on their comedic saturation on Kim Kardashian‘s nightmare of publicity. She’s definitely the biggest joke in media for the month, after fooling all her reality-TV fans into believing the marriage was a dream come true on their $10 million dollar wedding. The opening skit pokes fun at the entire slate of the Cashians, particularly their attention-hungry mother. Once again, the Kardashian sisters are portrayed as Valley Girl high school drop-outs, with their “uhh” and “ahhs” sounding like Larry Blackmon chants. As for ex-hubby Kris Humphries, he yawns inaudible words when he speaks (obviously mocking his IQ). Stepdad Bruce Jenner’s face is hilariously written into the skit, as his years of plastic surgery and Botox has him looking like the seed of Chucky. Kardashian shares some of her behind-the-scenes’ mourning with the world: “It’s been really hard. All weekend long, we;ve been crying and crying and posing and crying and getting our anuses bleached.”

Would’ve been more hilarious if they spoofed that horrid club song Kim Kardashian sadly released earlier this year.

The Greeks were also mocked this past weekend, as their gloomy economic crisis has been scaring investors on Wall Street and abroad for months. Now with their future going down the sewer (for better or for worse) as Greek prime minister George Papandreou prepares to resign on the fears of a European takeover, the Greek gods are sent in to help save the day. Unfortunately all Zeus, Ares, Athena, Apollo and Poseidon knows diddly-squat about finance. They only specialize in war, having sex with dolphins and Yanni, who is portrayed by…

Who is that underneath all that straight hair and the white robe…
Isn’t that Adam Levine?
Yeah, you guess right. Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine steps in for Yanni. His imitation of the Greek pianist and composer is spot-on.

Cee Lo Green gets spoofed as well. With Kenan Thompson suited up as Green, basically an Isaac Hayes imitating Elton John. The skit, designed like a sex-talk freak show, smell like remnants of Eddie Murphy’s infamous James Brown skit back in the early Eighties as Green’s sideline brass section, coined the Atlanta Horns, “hits him” with silly funk. More silliness spark when Cee-Lo’s line of P-Funk mutants make their appearances, including Freakasaurus (portrayed by Charlie Day) and Colonel Nasty, who pops out looking like a Colonel Sanders/Professor Beakman hodgepodge.

As Thompson offers sexual tips for those in search of their “inner freakiness,” he finds himself cornered with his solutions doesn’t work on a young couple. “Much like my arms and legs, this one is a stomper,” he says. Minutes after the SNL skit aired, Cee Lo Green posted his admiration over the spoof on his Facebook fan page: “They say you’ve arrived when you’ve been spoofed on SNL…”

By the way, Maroon 5, SNL‘s musical guest, performed their No. 1 hit “Moves Like Jagger” (without Xtina), while also showing off Levine’s pair-up with Travie McCoy on “Stereo Hearts.”

So what do you think?
SNL’s weekend of laughs a win-win?
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