NEW MIXTAPE: In the Mix, Vol. 2: Eighties Baby

Posted May 21, 2011 by J Matthew Cobb in Features

From Yes to a-ha, from Diana to Madonna, mix series celebrates the spirit of the Eighties

Eighties Baby, the latest in the Hifi exclusive mix series In the Mix, hopes to rekindle those precious MTV memories and the spirit of the Rubik cube. “The ’80’s was definitely a wonderful time for music,” recounts J Matthew Cobb, Hifi Magazine’s chief editor. “With pop music crosspollinating across all genres – from New Wave to punk-rock, from contemporary R&B to golden age hip-hop, it literally felt that everyone was working together at that time. The best of ’80’s music always seemed happy, energetic and youthful.”

IN THE MIX, VOL. 2: EIGHTIES BABY focuses on eleven different rock, pop and R&B hit singles and expands them beyond their original four-minute playing time. “We decided to resurrect some of the decade’s best singles and expand them like we did with In the Mix, Vol. 1,” Cobb says. “Some of these tracks, like Madonna‘s “Into the Groove” and Yes‘s “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” were released on 12″ inch versions and designed for the Dance/Club airplay, but the attitude of those mixes seemed to drift away from the album versions. So we went back to square one and stretched those original singles as best as we could.”

The collection also highlights songs from Diana Ross, Soul II Soul, Hall & Oates, Tears for Fears, a-ha,  Janet Jackson, S.O.S. Band, Phil Collins and David Bowie.

For a minimum donation of $5 US dollars, the mp3-formatted mixtape can be downloaded here.

Song Listing:
1. DIANA ROSS Upside Down (Extended Mix) 5:32
2. DAVID BOWIE Let’s Dance (Extended Mix) – 6:14
3. S.O.S. BAND Just Be Good to Me (Extended Mix) 7:42
4. HALL & OATES Say It Isn’t So (Extended Mix) 5:54
5. YES Owner of a Lonely Heart (Extended Mix) 6:04
6. TEARS FOR FEARS Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Extended Mix) 5:11
7. PHIL COLLINS Sussudio (Extended Mix) 5:53
8. a-ha Take on Me (Extended Mix) 4:45
9. MADONNA Into the Groove (Extended Mix) 9:18
10. JANET JACKSON The Pleasure Principle (Extended Mix) 6:07
11. SOUL II SOUL Back to Life (However Do You Want It) (Extended Mix) 6:08

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