You Want to Check Out This Rare Live Collab featuring Foo Fighters and Rick Astley

Posted August 20, 2017 by J Matthew Cobb in Reviews 1.0

An ’80’s pop hit is transformed into a monster rock jam…and it’s breathtaking

It seems weird, uncanny, even somewhat laughable, to hear that bad-ass rock band Foo Fighters summoned ’80’s pop crooner Rick Astley to the stage during their set at the Super Sonic festival in Tokyo, but they did.

But like the forthcoming 2017 solar eclipse, this was arare treat. Thankfully, someone captured it. Because it’s that freakin’ good.

“We just learned this today,” frontman Dave Grohl shouts out to the audience. And then as Astley hits the stage, you can tell a burst of adrenaline rushes through him like a boost of RedBull vodka. “Come on you mother fuckers,” he chants aloud before Foo Fighters crank up the volume on a blistering rock-fueled cover that feels like “Everlong” was poured on a timeless pop melody.

It’s so good that Astley’s next album should take a slight detour into rock.

Check it out below.

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