50 Prince Songs You Better Have…Or Else

Posted May 27, 2016 by J Matthew Cobb in Features

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Until the end of time, these are the fifty “adorable” songs by Prince you must have in your music collection


With over forty years in the music game, it’s hard to amass a best-of list of Prince’s best music. That’s because the Purple One came out of the gate as a Warner Bros. newbie but soaring as a R&B trailblazer. Only five years later, Prince was dominating the pop charts and had risen to the status of mega-popstar, up there with Michael Jackson and Madonna. It’s important to note that at his creative zenith, right when 1999 broke and Purple Rain dominated, Prince was equally blending pop, gospel and rock with the templates of Sly Stone and George Clinton funk. And it is that invention of new age funk that helped turn the underground rhythmic black sound into a more palatable mainstream music form.

Some of his best songs were also falling in the hands of other artists, many who Prince admired and desired to give a leg up in the industry. And that’s what makes this daunting task even more difficult. You have to consider his biggest hits done by other acts – ones he possibly produced, arranged and composed all on his own. And then you have to narrow down your search of Prince’s finest contributions amongst a vast catalog containing deep cuts, vault findings, maxi-singles and underground “music club” selections to a nifty fifty.

So here it goes. Fifty of the best songs written, produced and arranged by Prince. The Purple One. The Artist. You better have ’em. Or else.



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