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Genre: Dance, disco, pop
Producer: Klas Åhlund, Joseph Mount, Robyn
Writer: Klas Åhlund, Joseph Mount, Robyn
Label: Konichiwa
Format: Digital download
Release Date: 1 August 2018


Bubbly vocals, warm melodies, heartfelt messaging and euphoric '80's synth-pop vibes elevate Robyn's first standalone single since 2011


A little more boom and hi-hat action on the chorus would've slayed

“Dancing On My Own” singer has been missing you and is back with a radiant new single

by J Matthew Cobb
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“Dancing On My Own” singer has been missing you and is back with a radiant new single

robyn-track02It’s pretty hard to believe that Robyn has been MIA as a solo artist since 2010’s Body Talk. Well, that album, divided into two parts and released within the same year, was pretty major and ambitious. And certainly, we loved the La Bagatelle Magique collaboration on 2015’s Love Is FreeDespite other folk taking her music to the top of the charts, Robyn has been pretty quiet on her own since then.

Well, we’ve got good news. Like a glorious piece of transported ’80’s dance-pop, the Sweedish dancing queen returns with “Missing U.” It’s loaded with dreamy synths, rapturous melody and yes, Robyn’s signature warm vocals. Inside she details her deep longing for a departed love: “There’s this empty space you left behind now you’re not here with me/I keep digging through our waste of time but the picture’s incomplete/Cause I’m missing you.” She later reveals that the song serves also as a love letter to her fans, who have waited anxiously on the sidelines for more product from her.

It helps to know that Robyn is surrounded by good stock, with Joseph Mount and longtime collaborator Klas Åhlund in the production chamber. Hey, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, I say.


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