Kelly Clarkson: Wrapped in Red

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Genre: Holiday, pop
Producer: Greg Kurstin, Jason Halbert
Label: RCA
Format: Digital download, compact disc
Time: 51:49
Release Date: 25 October 2013
Spin This: "Underneath the Tree." "Wrapped in Red," "Please Come Home for Christmas"


Clarkson pours her pipes on all flavors of Christmas; attractive original cuts on board


A bit safe and predictable on the remakes

Kelly brings it home on her first holiday disc

by J Matthew Cobb
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Kelly brings it home on her first holiday disc

American Idol champ and pop superstar Kelly Clarkson isn’t the first Idol winner to push out a holiday album, but she is the first of the show’s superstars to entertain the holiday tradition. But she’s perfectly made for these tinsel-sprinkled affairs: She’s a Texan at heart with a bubbly personality. Plus her big voice can almost sing anything, if given the chance. Wrapped In Red throws everything but the kitchen sink at her. In most instances, that could be dangerous. Often times, it is. But Clarkson juggles the genres well, jumping through Phil Spector Wall of Sound hoops with two crafty originals (“Underneath the Tree,” “Wrapped in Red”), vintage rock n’ roll (“Run Rudolph Red,” “Please Come Home for Christmas”). “Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song)” shots out like a Jessie J-pickled holiday carol.  Of course the serendipity of the holidays seems to push her into the AC schmaltz such as the Beyonce-does-Copa “My Favorite Things” and the swinging jazz standard “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Although she’s touches on almost every popular style in the world of Christmas albums, she doesn’t lose sight of her instrument. She belts like an Aretha alum on “Every Christmas” and pleads like an Etta James heroine on the Eagles’ holiday gem. Much of the well-executed arrangements remain respectful to the originals. In the eyes of the adventurous that may seem like a drag but Clarkson’s vocals prove to be the perfect bow on this box. With five decent originals in the playlist (“Just for Now” being the Top 40 magnet), Clarkson tries her best to stuff this stocking with plenty to enjoy. To our ears, she manages to come out on top – and possibly with the readiest holiday album of the year.


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